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The Irish convicts too, have their part in this story. Irish children sent to Sydney in chains and put to work when they arrive.

Loved this book. Jan 04, Ria rated it it was amazing. A sweeping saga telling the story of pioneers and settlers in newly colonised Australia in the latter 18th and early 19th century.

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A tangled drama of family secrets, fights over land and secret love affairs that threaten to split families asunder the Collinsons and Cadwalladers have enough to be going on with let alone the warring Aboriginal tribes angry at the confiscation of their lands, the harsh land and the way of life and learning how to manage their farm and livestock.

Can any of the, battl A sweeping saga telling the story of pioneers and settlers in newly colonised Australia in the latter 18th and early 19th century. Can any of the, battle the hrs reality of settling in a new country and all the demons from the past and present that plague their happiness?

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A wonderful novel which left me wanting to know more of the characters lives, this is the first book I have read by this author but definitely one to watch out for. Dec 28, Tsukiko Haruka rated it liked it. Feb 18, Amie rated it it was amazing. Look, this is a lovely saga, just don't get all riled up by inaccuracies in the historical timeline acknowledged by the author. Enjoy the emotion and the characters, and you'll finish the trilogy satisfied. Jan 26, Marion Astridge rated it really liked it.

A very good book about early pioneers in Australia. So many different stories. Aug 28, Helen rated it really liked it. Finished but I couldn't wait for that cad edward cadwaller to get his just desserts. A thoroughly despicable character but so unlike his father. A great book. Dec 23, Susan rated it really liked it. I enjoyed this book. It is set in Australia in the s when convicts were still being transported and Sydney was still a rough and ready, a town just starting out.

This I discovered was the second book of a series but I didn't find that mattered as the flashbacks filled in any gaps.

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The characters are a mixture of freed convicts, freemen and aboriginal people. The story is told through the different character's experiences but not in the first person. Alice travels from Cornwall to join her love I enjoyed this book. Alice travels from Cornwall to join her love of her life an ex con falsely accused who is now a partner ina farm. His partners are another couple of ex cons married to each other. They are all the good hard working ones in the story but that doesn't mean that all goes happily for them as you might have thought.

Eloise is married to a scoundrel in the army who treats her really badly. The army officer raped a girl and he was then sent out into the bush for a while. He favourite past time is cleansing the land of aboriginal people which he does both manically and thoroughly. The aboriginal lad we follow escapes from one of these routs as a child and it is through his story we hear a bit about the aboriginal ways and history. A whaling captain and sailor who is the son a free settlers in Sydney is another character whose story we follow.

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This takes us whaling and back to Sydney and he is also part of the love story too. A very smart man from South Africa arrives on the same ship as Alice and he is an efficient gambler who causes Eloise's husband Cadawaller to lose rather too often. There is also a group of Irish who suffer as convicts and who yearn to get back to Ireland and fight against the British.

The descriptions of the punishments left little to the imagination. These stories all inter twine to tell a story that gripped me and at the same time told the story of Australia's early settlement when the first fleet arrived.

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I have enjoyed three of this author's books set in Australia and every one has been good and very different. This is not an author who write to a formula. The books are set in Australia but at different historical periods and different places in Australia. I did find myself drawn into the different character's stories and I liked the fact that none of them were perfect.

I would happily read more of Tamara McKinley's books as all three of those I have read I have enjoyed. Dec 14, Davida added it. Relax and enjoy.

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An epic, gripping, tautly plotted novel with a final court-room twist worthy of John Grisham. Tamara McKinley was born in Australia and returns every year to research her novels. Tamara is married to Oliver and between them they have five children, three grandchildren and a cat. The World According to Anna.

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From the Place in the Valley Deep in the Forest. Self's Punishment. Rebellion Niall Logan is one of many Irish children sent to Sydney in chains. As he struggles to survive the cruelty in the convict colony, he yearns only for freedom and a ship to take him home. Despite the knowledge that insurrection is punishable by hanging, a chance to rebel will change everything for him. A Kingdom for the Brave. Paperback from Amazon. Amazon Kindle Edition. Click here for Pam Norfolk's full review.