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Make the most of your smart home speaker, Google tablet, or smartphone with our exclusive in-depth expert hardware and software tutorials. Every page contains useful tips and helpful hints, so no matter your experience, you will be amazed at what you can discover when you use this guide. Do More with Google Whatever you are looking for, Google will have an app for your needs and inside this publication, we cover the very best of them and their advanced uses.

Weight 0. Android has a set of default apps used for key smartphone functions:. The danger: Many banking Trojans would dearly love to be the default SMS app, letting them hide notifications about bank withdrawals and steal one-time confirmation codes.

Android Tutorial for Beginners / iPhone Users

Note that this ruse has already been perfected by most banking Trojans and is commonly used by cybercriminals. Unpleasant scenarios involving the use of default apps are plenty, so think very carefully before granting an app default status. On a rooted smartphone one with superuser rights , it is possible to change any setting, gain access to any file including system files , delete and install any apps from any source, install any firmware, and the list goes on.

And apps can take advantage of that status to steal smartphone data and engage in spying and other harmful activities. Whereas all of the abovementioned permissions give access to some of the data and functions generally provided for in the Android operating system, root privileges grant access to data and functions that were never intended to be shared.

The Complete Guide to Rooting Your Android Device

Not to mention that an app with root access can automatically configure all permissions as it pleases. So think carefully before going ahead and rooting your smartphone. If malware capable of using root privileges gets into the system, the consequences can be far nastier than in the case of an unrooted Android device.

Find out more in our post Rooting your Android: Advantages, disadvantages, and snags. It is worth checking from time to time whether your smartphone has been rooted without your knowledge. Moreover, it is not even possible to check whether your phone is rooted using standard OS facilities. Instead, you can use one of several apps specially created for checking root access choose the app carefully though. The root access check is a rare case when a red message means everything is fine: superuser rights on this smartphone have not been acquired.

Maybe you were unlucky enough to download a Trojan, or perhaps someone installed a spyware app to keep tabs on you. In this case, we recommend saving personal files elsewhere and ridding your device of root access — different methods work for different phones. There are several ways to configure app permissions in Android. First, apps request permissions when corresponding features are about to be used — you can grant or deny them. In Android 8, such requests look something like this:. Second, you can use groups of permissions to view a full list of apps that have requested, might request, or have already received a particular permission.

If something looks suspicious among the permissions already given, you can revoke them right away. See above for details of where to do this for each permission. Third, another option is to see what permissions each installed app already has and what it might someday request.

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As we have seen, Android 8 can be easily and flexibly configured to protect your valuable information and prevent data-hungry or outright malicious apps from gaining access to the most sensitive operating system functions. Have a nice day. Update to iOS Solutions for:. Alex Drozhzhin 62 posts. Privacy Threats Tips.

General settings and preferences

Permissions configured in the App permissions list This list includes permissions giving apps access to personal info stored on the smartphone contacts, call history, SMS, photos and to built-in devices through which personal data can be retrieved camera, microphone, phone, GPS receiver.

You decide what apps can access Giving an app any of these permissions means that from now on it can obtain information of this type and upload it to the cloud without asking your explicit consent for whatever it intends to do with your data. The danger: Allows the app to track all your movements.

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Battery optimization What it is: New versions of Android severely limit the ability of apps to operate in background mode, primarily to save battery power. Device admin apps What it is: This permission grants apps the right to use remote admin functions.

All in all, most apps should not be given this permission. Accessibility What it is: A powerful set of features originally created to make life easier for visually impaired users. Default apps What it is: Another list of permissions implemented as a separate settings section and worthy of particular attention. For an app to become a default, user permission must be requested and obtained. Kaspersky Small Office Security: On guard for small businesses.

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How to back up Android devices: The complete guide

Latest posts: Update to iOS Send to Kindle. We will create an account with Google gives you full rights to the app, which include rights to the software. This generally takes less than two days.

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The major reason for this being that the Android app development is based on guidelines provided by Google. The rest is post-deployment.

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Quick Guides Quick Guides provide concise information on a variety of topics. Here are the guidelines for Android application development process: Ideation This might sound a bit preachy, but every great app starts out with an idea. Android App Strategy Competition is the name of the game at this stage. Android App Wireframing A wireframe is a blueprint of the app. Android App Design The front-end of the Android app development process is the first thing that your users will judge your app on.