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The Most HAUNTED Hotel In Texas: SCARY Paranormal Investigation at the Magnolia Hotel

In the s, the building was a sham hospital where a charlatan named Norman Baker conned patients with his "miracle" cure for cancer. Said to be haunted by former patients, the hotel now hosts nightly ghost tours you can even tour Baker's morgue and paranormal-themed performances in the on-site theater. The hotel keeps a list of all of its named ghosts, including Michael, an Irish stonemason who died in while constructing the building; Theodora, a cancer patient of Dr.

Baker's who calls out for help finding her keys; and even Morris the cat, a mysterious patient in a white nightgown who appears at the foot of your bed.

10 of the Most Frightening Haunted Hotels Across the US

A staple on haunted hotel lists, this Colorado hotel offers a ghost adventure package and three different Halloween tours. Special events during the haunted holiday include a murder mystery dinner, the Shining Ball, and a masquerade costume party. Also, some guests have reported a strange and creepy phenomenon: their cameras mysteriously contain photos of themselves asleep in their hotel guest room.

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New Orleans is an excellent city for other haunted adventures , featuring some of the most beautifully maintained and oldest gothic-style cemeteries in the United States as well as a number of other locations known to host ghostly visitors. In a town infamous for its 17th-century witch trials, Room 17 at the Salem Inn is said to be haunted by a woman named Elizabeth, who was murdered by her husband in that very room.


According to accounts from psychics and guests, Elizabeth particularly likes to shake things up when men stay in the room. Bring an extra sweater—the innkeeper reports that room 17 is always colder than other rooms, despite the innkeepers' efforts to turn up the heat. In Savannah, billed as the most haunted city in America, the ghostly backstory at the Foley House Inn can be traced to the original owner, Honoria Foley.

Legend has it that when a suspicious hotel guest attacked Miss Foley, she struck him over the head with a candlestick and killed him. Fearful that she would be imprisoned for murder, Ms.

Hotels in Texas That are Really Haunted

Foley hid the body. Caroline Foster, whose husband, railroad tycoon Joseph Stickney, built the grand resort, was a long-time inhabitant - the property was built with special accommodations for her, including an indoor swimming pool and private dining room.

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Ever since its opening, and long since she passed, many guests who have continued to report sightings of the regal Caroline, an elegant woman in Victorian dress often spotted in the hallways. There are light taps on doors when no one is outside and items suddenly disappear and then reappear in the exact place they were lost. Legend says two lovers were to be married at the hotel in , but the groom met an untimely death on his way to the wedding.

His then distraught bride threw herself down the elevator shaft, falling fell ten stories to her death. The bride is said to continue to haunt the halls.

The historic Boone Tavern Hotel has cashed in and attracts those fascinated by the paranormal with its three-day ghost hunts, and some guests see the apparition of a young boy in their photographs. The ghost who roams the hallways of the main inn is referred to as the Pink Lady because of the flowing pink gown she wears.

Shot to death in in the hotel lobby, John P. Also, a distraught salesman, who jumped into the hotel well after losing a card game, has been seen emerging from the fountain.

1. Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, Colorado

Reports include unexplained noises, apparitions, and the feeling of being touched and the floors with the most paranormal activity reported are the seventh, ninth, eleventh and twelfth. Visitors hear eerie and unexplained sounds at night, also familiar to staff walking the halls.

Sounds of rustling silk drapes, rattling windows, and an unexplained vision of a ghostly man. The entire city of Salem is creepy, infamous for its Witch Trials, but this hotel has ghost stories of its own, mostly attributed to lost sea captains returning to their gathering place.

The most haunted hotel in every state

Rooms and have had the most reports. This historic hotel is said to be haunted by multitudes of ghosts including the most famous, Marilyn Monroe, often seen in the full length mirror that was once in her suite. Room is said to be haunted by the restless spirit of actor Montgomery Cliff. Guests and staff have seen a little girl, wearing a long, cream-colored dress and black, shiny shoes, running by the open doorway, bouncing a red ball. Along with seeing their ghosts, guests claim to have personal items moved, feel random cold and hot spots, and hear untouched drawers and windows open.

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