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Maintain predictable and reliable arrangements, stick to familiar routines and activities, and minimise change. Keep up usual and familiar relationships with grandparents, other close family and friends. Find good support for yourself. Seek professional advice if you or your child is still not coping after a while.

Regular overnights with dad after divorce best for most children

For help with talking to your child. Citizens Advice Find out how to end a relationship and sort out things like children, money and your home. Child Law Advice at Coram Children's Legal Centre Provides free legal advice and information on all aspects of English law and policy affecting children, families, carers and professionals. Sorting out Separation Help and support for separating parents — government website with links to useful info and organisations about child support, benefits, housing, domestic violence, and more.

Coping With Life as a Separated Dad

Families Need Fathers Website that provides information, advice, and support regarding the problems of maintaining a child's relationship with both parents during and after family breakdown Helpline: Mon-Fri —, and weekends Family Lives Website gives information, advice, guidance and support for parents on all aspects of family life, including how separation affects children. Mediation Helps separating parents make arrangements for their children.

Phone: Cafcass Website gives information on the interests of children involved in family proceedings for children, teenagers and adults. Put your energy and focus into being the best parent you can possibly be. When the kids return from the Land of Anything Goes aka your ex's house , you feel like you need to compensate by doubling down on your house rule.

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The problem: You worry that your ex's "money can buy love" approach to parenting is sending the wrong message to your kids. The problem: You can't help it: Knowing that your kids clearly favor your ex gets to you. How to deal: Like the story "The Tortoise and the Hare," a steady effort wins the parenting race, Swithin explained.

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Children thrive with consistency and structure. They'll look back with admiration at the parent who was there during the hours of homework, late-night fevers and parent-teacher conferences. News U. HuffPost Personal Video Horoscopes. The parent to whom responsibility is assigned has a duty to support the child until his or her 21st birthday.

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The court is required to ask children aged 12 and older to give their opinion when parental responsibility is assigned. There is no such requirement with respect to younger children.

Children aged 12 and older whose parents file a divorce petition are automatically sent a notification by the court stating when they are expected to appear in court. It is up to the child to decide whether he or she wishes to appear.

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The child has the right to be heard, and is therefore given the opportunity to tell the court what he or she thinks about certain matters with respect to the break-up. If you and your ex-partner co-parent, this means you share the care and upbringing of the children.

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  4. Your child lives alternately with you and with your ex-partner. Co-parenting is only possible if both parents are willing.

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    There is nothing in the law about co-parenting and the co-parenting situation has no bearing on parental responsibility or child maintenance. If you choose to co-parent, you and your partner make agreements about when the child is with each of you and who pays for what.

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    You can lay down such agreements in a document drawn up by a civil-law notary or include them in a settlement. After a divorce, separation or termination of registered partnership, the former partners retain their parental access rights with respect to the children. If you share parental responsibility, you and your ex-partner must agree on care and access arrangements.