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Hyperconflict: Globalization and Insecurity

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Implausible Dream James H. Mittelman Why the paradigm of the world-class university is an implausible dream for most institutions of higher education. Illus: 4 line illus. Highly recommended.

Conteh-Morgan, University of South Florida "Mittelman brilliantly and presciently provides us with the first comprehensive mapping of this twenty-first century terrain of insecurity, the touchstone of his heroic effort to depict the wider implications of neoliberal globalization for the future of humanity. Mittelman not only helps us to see the world as it is but shows us how we should think about the future in order to overcome insecurity and to ground hope.

Understanding How Globalization Fosters Insecurity | International Studies Review | Oxford Academic

This is a great achievement, warranting our attention and reflection, and eventually our gratitude. In this book he examines the social and political conflict and widespread insecurity engendered by globalization. His rigorous approach is inspired by his direct experience of the struggles of people in Africa and parts of Asia as well as his familiarity with European and American thinking.

The book should be read by anyone concerned with the emergence of world order in the uncertainties of the present era. Drawing on relevant historical developments to sketch future scenarios, Hyperconflict is destined to become a classic in the new interdisciplinary field of Global Studies. Steger, Professor of Global Studies and Director of the Globalism Research Centre, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology "Probing beneath conflicts of the day, Hyperconflict brings to light the deep drivers of war and peace in the twenty-first century.

Mittelman, James H.

It offers a fresh interpretation and findings. Professor Mittelman's study is bound to contribute to the work of peacemakers and analysts alike. I warmly commend this book. Help Centre. Track My Order.

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