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Only one month earlier, on April 24, the commemorative day of the genocide, a young Armenian man serving in the Turkish Army had been killed. Everyone in the United States and even some friends in Istanbul tried to persuade me against the visit.

Once I made up my mind to go, I had to find a suitable translator and guide. When Deniz, a Turkish historian I met online, volunteered, I was very suspicious.

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Why would a Turkish woman, a perfect stranger, go out of her way and take a seven hour bus ride from Ankara to Sivas, just to help an Armenian-American historian, Deniz was committed to unveiling the past and arriving at a truth unbridled by nationalist narratives. After a few reassuring smiles and awkward embraces, we boarded the only bus to Sivas City. In the lobby of our hotel, over a hot cup of coffee, I admitted to Deniz that I had never had, and never expected to have, a Turkish friend.

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She smiled and admitted the same. We agreed to embark on a journey into our shared past with open hearts and minds. Today there are approximately 60 individuals left, only 1 of whom can speak Armenian. Some of these inhabitants were old enough to witness the deterioration and demolition of every church from to the last one in They used to live together more harmoniously. It is getting worse. He drew us a map of the old Armenian quarter, including the location of his now-abandoned family home, where until a decade ago his mother still lived.

Women in headscarves stared at us from porches and stoops. Dust-covered children on rusty bikes followed us, practicing the few English phrases they knew. Next door a squatter had left a half-eaten bowl of rice in the courtyard. After walking for some time in this old Armenian district, we found another dilapidated old house that stood out both in terms of stature and size as well as architecture.

There was something familiar and haunting about the structure. Inside was a parlor, or foyer, with four doors leading to the various rooms, one with an aging but still magnificent mural. It stood hollowed out, gutted and forlorn, dwarfed on all four sides by apartment buildings built in the last 30 years. At the very top was a triangular stone with a decorative relief.

On it the date appeared in Arabic numerals, with the same date written in Ottoman in the right corner. I told her that this letter, found upon almost all altars of Armenian churches, is the seventh letter of the Armenian alphabet and has great meaning for Armenians. The house was clearly the upper class home of a once prominent Armenian family. Did they abandon it or were they forced out in ? There is no one left who can answer that question.

Without Deniz, I would never have found the old Armenian district, much less this house. The four of us stood helplessly in front of the dilapidating structure, wishing to capture and preserve it. The next day we drove to the village of Cayboyu. Once known as Pirkinik, Cayboyu is the birthplace of Daniel Varoujan, the beloved Armenian poet who was killed during the genocide.

Today, it is a quaint little village where cows are more prevalent than villagers.

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The smell of cow dung being burned for fuel permeated the air and the ground was covered in mud. We combed the cemetery for Armenian headstones but could not find one. Rain started pouring down on our heads. Village girls scrambled to round the cows towards shelter. Disappointed, we were heading back toward the car when I noticed a polished white marble stone ensconced in a cement building.

Upon closer examination, I could tell it was a headstone. What did you hear? The churn of the refrigerator? The racing hiss of passing traffic? In some endangered habitats, it increased background decibels tenfold. The solution, he believes, is not meeting the noisemakers head-on.

In , Hempton and the captain of the Whidbey Island air station, Geoff Moore, went for a hike together in the Hoh Rainforest, but nothing changed. The first question QPI has to answer seems simple: How quiet is quiet? Hempton and his team have already identified over exceptionally quiet places around the world. Next, with the permission of local communities and governments, they hope to send out teams to certify those areas as quiet parks. The parks could use the certification as they wish. The only sound intrusions he recorded were distant, barely audible commercial-jet flyovers every few hours.

And we believe quiet is gold. It was a very easy read, and the plot was very basic. The characters were, for the most part, very one dimensional. Nevertheless, I thought that the novel gave a good look at Egypt during the time of Ramses the Great. The plot follows the craftsman of the Place of Truth and the trials they must go through to build and maintain the tombs in the Valley of the Kings. The novel does a good job showing the history of the period, and is ve Despite the simple nature of the writing, I enjoyed this novel.

The novel does a good job showing the history of the period, and is very informative. I think it is an accurate summation of what happened inside the Place of Truth. Aug 12, Jan rated it really liked it Shelves: historical-fiction. I enjoyed this and it clearly is based on historical knowledge.

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My one criticism is that the characters are quite one-dimensional and nothing out of the ordinary really happens to them. I am going to read the rest of the series, however. Jun 30, Ashwin rated it liked it. Liked reading this. Was delighted to meet one of my favorite Christian Jacq's character, Ramses, make special appearance. Was happy to see mention of one of Ramses's best friend, with inexhaustible energy, Ahmeni too getting mentioned :- Now starting with next book in series.

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Nov 05, Hypatia rated it liked it Shelves: historical. Read this ages ago in French, now finally re-reading it and soon the rest of the series in English. I honestly don't think it's a great translation - it seems like it's a lot of short simple sentences, which I don't remember finding in French.

But maybe that says more about my French skills than the translation. Still interesting, despite the detestability of many of the characters.

I'm hoping the rest of the series is better on that score. Apr 11, Neetha Philip rated it really liked it. This is the first books of the last series that i read by Christian Jacq. While I drank in every detail that reflected ancient egyptian history in the other books by jacq, this book really made me think about more than just history.

The story itself emphasises hard work,honesty and determination.

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Values that I have realised Jacq includes in most of his books. One cant help falling in love with Jacq's characters. This book sucked neutronium. It sucked it hard. It sucked it often. An infantile plot line with cardboard characters. I mean "all I want to do is cut trees, the trees are all cut now, now I leave" If Christian Jacq had an international best selling series Ramses before this, I'm guessing he had a Walmart lobotomy around Jun 28, Ray rated it really liked it. The first book in this trilogy correlates with the last book of the "Ramses" saga.

Even though it was a bit "dumbed down" for myself, the main characters were more emotionally complex and more in depth. Onto the second book of the trilogy! I did not actually read this book but my mum did and she skimmed the second half before getting rid of the series. She decided that it is not worth reading. Reasons being that the characters are not believable, it had a very week story line, and unnecessary sex. Also the historical side was not interesting, and it could have been accurate but she does not know if it is or not.

Aug 22, Elaine Cougler rated it really liked it. The characters are well developed and the story is captivating as we learn of the wonderful role of the Place of Truth and its member in creating the tombs of the pharoahs of Egypt. Good stuff. Dec 21, C. Stibbe rated it liked it. I was hoping this book would be a little more substantial. I enjoyed it but I can't say it left that residue of 'WOW' that so many other books do.