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My prayer is that this podcast would be a blessing to all who hear it. If you wanted to share this episode with friends or on social media, I've created several great images that are share-worthy. They are so easy to listen to when you are on the go running errands or shuttling kids or just getting projects done around the house. My favorite time to listen to my favorite podcasts is while I'm out for a walk or folding laundry. You won't miss an episode when you subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher. This is my preferred method of listening.

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Be sure to check out their music! They are such a fun band to listen to…and to see live.

Build your confidence in God with these inspiring poems about faith

Elisa Pulliam is passionate about inspiring this generation of women to experience a fresh encounter with God for the sake of impacting the next generation. Ever since the Lord has been in the process of transforming her from the outside in and inside out. Soon after launching More to Be , however, Elisa discovered that there was an equally important need to reach women stuck in a rut of poor habits and unhealthy thinking, and began shining the ministry focus towards women seeking spiritual growth and life transformation.

Elisa believes each moment of each day belongs to the Lord and strives to be emotionally present and eternally purpose, especially with her husband of 22 years, Stephen, and her four tween through college-age children. Here's a sweet picture of Elisa's sweet family! I hope you enjoyed this week's podcast! My prayer is always that you will be blessed and encouraged by each episode. We not only chat about living with Unblinded Faith but also dig a […]. I am encouraged by this message, May God continue working through you to bring joy into the lives of other christians.

Thank you for this I have been a christian my whole life and I still struggle with trusting God. It is so true that God is never too good to be true. I also endorse this. In my heart I always want to. He has brought me so far. I know I have strayed, but I dont want to stray anymore. I want to really really get that gift of trusting God cemented in my mind, heart and soul.

I just needed to get inspired with your words Dave.

7 Daily Steps to Trust in the Lord with All Your Heart

I feel good about it and hope from now and most of all when I awake tomorrow I can believe in myself and practice your guidelines. I want to trust God with all my heart. You see I have a 19 year old son who no longer trusts, or talks to me. I have injured his emotions over the years. I have taken him to a psychiatrist since he was 7 and my husband and I had to put him in Bradley childrens hospital at age 7 and at age He had damaged my property, my car.

I have damaged him. I feel God will never forgive me. He has no contact with us. He swears at us if he does. I hate myself.

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Im embarrassed and ashamed even to write this. This is my first time to this site and to be honest I pretty much never right on the Internet but I saw your post and felt compelled to respond. Firstly I should probably say that I am not really a Christian in the traditional sense, I was raised Christian but had some issues as a child and kind of ran away from it, that said I am exploring my faith more heavily now and I never stopped believing in God. I also wanted to tell you that I very much understand struggles like you describe, I am a 26 year old woman and I dealt with mental health problems a lot in the last 15 years and also had a very bad relationship with my father.

I had a drug addiction as a teeanger and now I have lupus and fibromyalgia, which keeps me from working. I want my son to talk to me and this to go away might happen in a very unexpected way and he gave us some incredible tools to be an active part of our solution. The mind is a wonderful thing and can, incredibly, change everything without making any tangible, palpable change.

Like I said before, I have lupus and fibromyalgia. Both cause incredible pain but on the days I see the glass as half full, the pain is there and the same but somehow, less bothersome. The same goes for forgiveness actually, and that is one I struggle with a lot too… I made a lot of awful choices but I know if it were a loved one I would forgive them so I try to extend the same courtesy to myself.

He is, after all omniscient and compassionate. To sum up my points; to err is human to forgive is divine, God is divine. As for your son, try to remember that he is at an age where his brain is changing and that although it is rough, rebellion is just something that happens sometimes. I hope this message finds you well. Kara thank you for responding in such a compassionate way.

May God give you blessings. Many many. May God help you with that. But I took a chance. I do know you are right about if we forgive how much more will God forgive. I do wallow. A LOT!! But I just miss my son so much. I know I must make a conscious decision to trust and believe on His word. Thank you so much for responding. May God bless you. Thank you for this article. I know that God is still good in spite of the circumstances. This article really helped me and helped my faith. I just need to rest in the Lord and know that it will work out for my good. Again thank you for such an inspiration article.

I am going to the same thing right now and I believe that God will find the right Christian man for us. God bless you. I Really appreciate the sincerity, and even more than that I wish things were as simple. Trusting God that His will is right because He is God. Trusting God that He loves us, despite the pain and suffering He must allow. Trusting God that He knows what we need to mold and shape us. All these things are biblical. I would love to buy into this thought that God will step in and rescue us from all our bad situations is simply Not True.

Peace comes from knowing what He does allow is not arbitrary, and is passed through His loving hands. Please clarify this to your readership. I do agree with ur comment. GOd does not always heals, does not always changes our circumstances, If we lean on Him, He changes us, though our struggles are the same, we know now he is with us, and this should be enough.

God's Amazing Grace

I have been angry and disappointed for years, because I always heard God will always come to rescue me. It was never clarified that how He delivers is many times way different from the deliverance we expected. Thank you for such an encouraging message. This is truly my message.

What It Means To Really Believe: Faith (Trust) Alone In Christ Alone - CHRISTIANS FREE

I will keep trusting in His word. Sometimes, I feel discouraged, to a point of losing hope BUT your message has truly blessed me and I chose to always put my trust in God no matter the situation I am in. I chose to trust in this One and true God. Been praying and trusting in the lord but still for some reason it fills like a black cloud is over my head.