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When Marni Taylor meets her new apartment neighbor-brash, good-looking Dallas Narcotics Detective Sammy Kidman-she pegs him right away as a heartbreaker, a user. Still, she agrees to help him with an undercover assignment. By the time he's through with her, Marni is so traumatized that she is driven to find healing in a faith she never knew she had. That same faith forces Marni to decide what to do about a man she both hates and loves, while Sammy, faced with the terrifying consequences of his actions, makes a blind grab at redemption.

But Sammy is a cop, first and last, and his life comes down to the choice every cop must make of how much of himself to give. The question is, when the time comes to give your all. The story continues in "Sammy: Women Troubles.

When her husband Paul sets out to look for her a month later, he comes to a dead end in Fort Worth-until meeting reclusive billionaire Fletcher Streiker: "Paul, let me tell you a great truth: everybody gets what they truly want-not what they think they want, but what they genuinely desire in the depths of their heart. Ultimately, this is what they receive. Or is he too afraid to discover what he really wants? Upon finding himself a celebrity and a confidant of the Surchatain, the jester attempts to discredit his main rival for Ares' attention: the Surchataine Nicole. In countering the jester's attack, Nicole turns to the superior gamesmanship of the beautiful, heartless Chataine Renee, who plays her part with such skill that the jester becomes a pawn in a power struggle between two provinces.

However, the game is altered by the unexpected entrance of another player-Renee's younger brother Henry.

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Exiled for his faithfulness, struggling with the apparent capriciousness of God, Henry makes the move that determines the game's outcome. Ares has heard disturbing reports that the Master of the Sanctum has converted it to his own private domain.

Not to be left behind, Nicole follows. But when Henry's sister Renee misplaces some property, she goes to the Sanctum to recover it-and there discovers who is fomenting rebellion against the young Surchatain. His name is Roman. Karel's small country, Lystra, possesses the only navigable river on the southern coast of the Continent. The provinces that surround Lystra want its river trade, and will do anything to gain it-even kill the heir to the throne.

So, hand selecting the most capable and trustworthy soldier he can find, Karel places her life in his keeping. Willful and spoiled, Deirdre sees this guardian only as another servant. She teases and abuses him as he places his life on the line for her day after day, year after year. Deirdre does not know at what point she begins to love him.

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But Roman knows from the very beginning that to love her will mean his death. Ares is dying. When Henry arrives at Westford, he discovers vultures gathering over the province, eyeing Ares' twin year-old daughters, Sophie and Bonnie. Accustomed to patrolling the wild western border of Lystra to keep out slavers, Henry must now readjust to courtly intrigues-a task made all the more difficult by the meaningless but conspicuous leper's brand on his hand. Matters come to a head when Surchatain Magnus of Scylla comes for an unexpected visit. He brings not only the spoiled, immature son he plans to marry off to Sophie, but a surprise guest who has designs on a most unwilling Henry.

In his clandestine searches, he discovers a hidden room containing a vast cache of gold. His Web site dedicated to Christian science fiction and fantasy is easily the coolest-looking such site on the Web.

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Well, he's designing one! Check it out. I'm very impressed with Mr. He's definitely a kindred spirit. Here are his novels, the Foundations of Hope trilogy. Books 1 and 2 are due out in paperback in May Book 3 is coming soon.

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  • Each of Karen's first four novels won the Christy Award in the visionary category. That's an impressive feat and tells you how good her fantasy is. Sharon has published some fun and even a little speculative chick-lit fiction with Bethany House. But her first love is Christian fantasy. With no contracts and only the love of her stories burning in her, she wrote the entire manuscripts for her Restorer trilogy.

    Watch for her fantasy trilogy coming from NavPress.

    Author Robin Hardy Discusses Writing and Changes in Publishing

    Caprice's fantasy novel is one of the many fine POD print-on-demand titles I'm happy to promote. Christopher was one of the Fantasy Four authors that made their book tour in summer These novels comprise his White Lion Chronicles. Russell is an an interesting guy. He's a professional mapmaker which comes out in his world-building and a New Zealander, to boot.

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    • I've been told he's a Christian author and these are Christian novels. They look fun. It would be easy to argue that Stephen Lawhead ought to be placed in the category of industry-shaping giants of Christian speculative fiction. His Pendragon series was among the first I discovered in Christian bookstores. Stephen has moved on to mostly secular publishing now, as this is where he's found a larger audience.

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      But his origins are with us and he has still provided some of the most wonderful Christian fantasy of the modern era. His novel Byzantium, though technically a historical and not speculative, is still the finest Christian novel I've ever read.

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      Carole's fantasy novel is one I looked at while acquisitions editor at Realms and NavPress. This novel is being published by a secular publisher but it's Christian through and through. Maureen's YA fiction is fun because it takes its imagery and themes from fairy tales.

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      Not the Disney kind, but the original Grimm's kind, or the kind from Celtic mythology, in which there really are monsters and in which singing princesses get quickly eaten. The title of the first novel, for instance, comes from the story of the three little pigs. Calvin Miller is best known for his Singer trilogy of poetry, which every Christian should read. Anthea Hucklesby, Lystra Hagley-Dickinson. Robin Hardy. A vivid exploration of Victorian romantic love that challenges the conventional wisdom about many aspects of 19th-century American private life, this richly provocative book allows us to hear the voices of nearly one hundred 19th-century Once they had crossed the border into Lystra , they could He named Lystra , his youngest child from his first marriage, as the executrix.

      The deceased later advised his second wife that he was in trouble with his other If Lystra were to tell Alta's own story in her region, part of it will make mention of the relationship built serving Alta in Arima at the Arima Boys' Roman Catholic UK-based Guyanese style icon Lystra Adams, commonly referred to as 'the Queen of Instagram' is possibly the most vivacious Caribbean woman of style to Tracy Lystra , who is an animal lover at heart and brings pets into her home to rehabilitate them, was soon on her way to Moreno Valley with her daughter to save Lystra believes Huey was involved in dog fighting.