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Capri is spectacularly gorgeous, and many areas of the island are less densely populated, but beware of the fact that Capri is incredibly crowded and touristy during high season. Hot tip: Take a ferry to Capri, rent a Vespa in the main port town, and cruise to the backside of the island to avoid large tour groups.

The History of the Italian Language

In Naples, you'll find 2 of the best things that this world has to offer: pizza and the beach. It is, however, the home of the pizza. The pizza was invented in Naples, and as such, it deserves to be on ANY list of incredible towns. Naples is the 3rd largest city in Italy following Rome and Milan and is a major port town considering its coastal access. If Portofino was a bit further south, we would likely have to rename Cinque Terre to Sei Terre to include Portofino as the 6th town.

Considering how musical and beautiful Cinque Terre sounds, it is fortunate that Portofino is a bit further north than the final town of Monterosso.

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Regardless, Portofino is, essentially a continuation of the 5 towns where you'll find yachts anchored offshore, small fishing boats, and colorful houses and buildings that line the sea. There is, admittedly, less to do in Portofino than there is in the other Ligurian Coastal towns.

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However, it is well worth the visit if you're in the region and have the time. You might also enjoy the town of Santa Margherita, which you can walk to from Portofino if you don't have transportation. Who said the coastline had to be on the Mediterranean or the Adriatic Sea? Bellagio is the famous town on the coast of Lake Como, in the north of Italy near Switzerland.

Bellagio is the perfect place to visit with your partner if you want to take a boat out on the lake and enjoy a relaxing romantic getaway. And those are the top 10 most romantic and beautiful Italian coastal towns. Have you been to Italy?

What is your favorite city? Discover the Best of Gargano Puglia.

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      Enjoyed your article on Italy. We have a home in Liguria next to San Remo, 5 months ago we bout abelle opawuecapartment in Nice on the promenade des anglais. We also have homes in Lebanon and San Antonio, texas. I agreed with most of you wrote except forbthe pizza in Nice. It is simply disgusting. I live for 20 years in Vares closevto Como. What is the name of thecrstaurant in Bellahio? Stay in touch. A presto. Italy is definitely on my bucket list. So many beautiful locations to explore along with the culture, food, and people. Thanks for sharing and for providing enough information to start planning our Italy trip.

      I would love to visit every single one of the places on this list! My Italian coastal towns bucket list! Thanks for sharing this complete and detailed article and very nice and attractive photos:. I keep it on hand in case of little hunger during my next trips! Bellagio might be the perfect place for a relaxing getaway. Too bad its quite expensive.

      The History of the Italian Language

      And crowded. Manarola, Italy. Gorgeous Beaches of Cala Gonone. Luna Beach Sardinia.

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      From Italian cook books to guide books and language books to detective novels set in Italy, we have tried hard not to leave a single page unturned! So these are all books we have read. Some are set in Italy, some are about Italian Americans, some are about people who have settled in Italy and found their spiritual home.

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