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I was wavering between whether or not to include the shrine as a potential detour for my Tomb of Annihilation players. This convinced me that I should definitely include it. I had Syndra Silvane send a message to my party letting them know that she had unearthed legends of a shrine with artifacts that could help the party between Mbala and Orolunga. They seemed intrigued!

I remember when the Hidden Shrine came out. Yes, that makes me old. I was still relatively new to role-playing but had successfully DMed a few times. After reading the adventure, I prepped it for my group and the fun began.

Druid: Circle of Wildfire in D&D's Unearthed Arcana

To this day, it remains my favorite classic module to run and to be a player in. I am just looking over the Tomb of Annihilation and was struck not only that Omu is actually a rework of Dwellers of the Forbidden City but that Hidden Shrine fits nicely — Tamoachan could be a sister city to Omu. And to William Aitken: I have no doubt your players had are having?

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Does the The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan stand as a classic or an overrated dud? Classic Overrated dud Background. While exotic, these creatures seem more suited to meeting Dora the Explorer than to menacing adventurers. Dora jokes aside, the creatures seemed exotic rather than silly. Share this: Tweet. This entry was posted in Role-playing game history and tagged Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan , keyed illustrations , Tomb of Horrors , tournament module. Bookmark the permalink.

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January 7, at pm. Matt Harnick says:. I am equal to the sum ofthe foes I have hands spell as a 2nd-level spell once with this trait and regain the ability to do so when you finish a long rest. When you reach 5th level, you can cast the flame blade S Cunning. Those who can see an advantage in the dir- spell once with this trait and regain the ability to do so whe n you finish a long rest. Charisma is your spellcast- est situation deserve respect. I and my comrades fought well in the Blood War, and our service demands respect. Ability S core Increase.

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Your Charisma score in- 2 Evil without law is a pointless exercise in destruction. Rules make us what we are. You know the thaumaturgy can- their prosperity. When you reach 3rd level, you can cast the searing 4 One day I will have reve nge on those who defied me. We teach them enlight- When you reach 5th level, you can cast the branding ened self-interest. This section provides tables useful for DMs who want to 4 A low profile is the best defense of all.

S I'm a bully who backs down when faced with any sort of resistance. Demons that enter the world are bent on destruction, not con- The Abyss is a vast wound in the cosmic order, a bot- cerned with greater matters, and inclined to go their tomless pit teeming with creatures that exist only to separate ways unless a powerful leader can keep them rend, tear, and destroy.

The demon princes, individual under control long e nough for the virus to take hold. These mighty beings imagine themselves at the natural world recoils from the demonic presence. Plants center of the cosmos. Each demon prince believes that the universe will one day be theirs to command, its laws become twisted versions of themselves. Leering faces and structure twisted and warped to match the demons' appear in leaf patterns, vines writhe of their own accord, ideal of perfection.

Bodies of water in the The demon princes' arrogance is exceeded only by area become tainted and sometimes poisonous, and the their ambition. While any rational being would dismiss weather might feature extremes of heat, cold, wind, rain, their goals as empty ambitions sparked by madness, the or s now that aren't typical of the normal climate. Living truth remains that the demon princes and their thralls things in the area flee or are killed by the demons.

It is con- ceivable that, if the Blood War turns dramatically in At this stage, natives can s top the incursion by killing their favor, the demon princes could put the rest of their or driving away the demons that infest the area. The ef- apocalyptic plans in motion. Oerth is but thefirst of many nects to a random location in the Abyss. Demons that happen to be near the portal can travel through it and worlds that willfall. The immensity of rus. While most other factions across the planes spread the Abyss means that a portal's random location is more their influence into other realms through conquest, con- likely to be an empty, uninhabited place than anything version, or diplomacy, demons infect a world by travel- else, and demons can't make use of the portal unless ing there and beginning to transform their environment they can locate it.

The incursion might be long delayed to resemble the malleable, chaotic substance of their as a result, but the portal's opening on the other plane home plane. Ifdemons dwell in a place for a significant remains a lurking threat until it is closed. Ifa demonic As more demons find and use the portal, the Abyss infestation is left unchecked, a portal to the Abyss is the becomes strongly linked to the world, and the region's result, and more and more of the essence of the Abyss transformation grows more extreme.

The odd but still pushes its way through. In time, a plane or a world could mundane weather gives way to storms that drop burning become a colony of the Abyss, overrun with demons and embers, or winds that s hriek in all directions, seizing devoid of all other forms of life. The environment becomes inimical to all living things. A fu ll-fledged demonic incursion takes time to develop.

D&D 5E - Supplemental Rulebook

The demons aren't yet directed by a single will. Unless A demon prince might rampage across a world for a few a powerful demon dominates all the others, the area is days or weeks before returning home, but that event wracked by fighting as one demon after another claims doesn't qualify as an incursion. After the demon is ban- primacy, only to be overcome. The tie to the Abyss is ished, the world suffers no long-term effects, aside from still fragile enough that, as demons are slain, the portal the destruction wrought by the demon. If the invaders are reduced to about half the number that were present when the But if demons can dwell undisturbed on a plane for a portal was created, the opening winks out of existence.

Simply killing the demons in an afflicted area is no longer enough to remove the To bring about these changes, the invaders must Abyss's stain.

The Awakening of the Cheloratrai

The size of the region begins to grow, the effects of the At this point, a besieged world's only hope for survival lethal environment expanding from the original area. The lord's defeat The demons likewise begin to roam, and a small force leaves the other demons again leaderless, and they re- capable of establishing its own incursion might travel act by warring against each other, which makes them far.

If enough of these groups splinter off, the incursion susceptible to attacks from the world's defenders. The could spread into a network of similar sites, each open- longer a demon lord remains in control of all the other ing its own portal and drawing in more demons. When a demonic incursion runs its course, Slaying all the demons in an infested area ends their no vestige remains of the world that existed before- in direct threat, but the terrain remains twisted and ac- effect, the realm has become another layer of the Abyss.

Ambitious Although sages group demons into types according cultists, or even a random confluence of planar energy, to their power, the Abyss knows no such categories.

Manual Treacherys Wake (D&D Retrospective)

Demons are spawned from the stuff of the Abyss in a near-infinite variety of shapes and abilities. For instance, a vrock might crawl out of a n oil s lick enough, it enters its fourth and final phase with the en- in the Demonweb Pits with three eyes and vestigial trance of a demon lord. As a portal continues to shunt wings. A chasme might appear on the layer of Azzagrat demons and abyssal energy into the world, it begins to possessing the ability to belch forth clouds of flies. Two or more of them If a demon survives for centuries, it accumulates changes to its form due to interaction with the energies might fight for control of it, or in the worst case, several of the Abyss.

These long-lived demons often become might travel through the portal in rapid succession. A few demon The visitation of a demon lord to the Material P lane lords have come to the attention of mortals and are even is a cataclysmic event. The lord's presence overwhelms worshiped as gods in some places, but the vast majority the minds of other beings to keep them from resisting, of demon lords remain unknown to scholars and sages.

From the re, they must locate The Abyss is a puzzle to those who study demons and a portal and then perform the ritual that enables them to an attraction for those who seek power. It isn't as purely find a specific destination.

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Escaping the Abyss likewise chaotic as Limbo nor as pliable, and yet demon lords requires knowledge of the specific ritual needed to do can shape its essence by their subconscious will. Some so. Without it, visitors are trapped unless they have ac- demon lords emerge from the planar stuff, others seem cess to magic that permits travel between planes. THE how that power might be seized. A powerful soul might be able to - Orcus dominate demons, retrieve weapons of the Blood War to use in mortal conflicts, or discover spells known only As beings of utter chaos a nd absolute evil, demons have in the Abyss- and the madly ambitious might even seek no concept of empathy.

Each demon believes that only out the means of becoming a de mon lord. These fiends have no particular affinity The physical nature of the Abyss is something that few for their own kind, which is the biggest reason why they mortal minds can understand.