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Self-love is an action not a state of feeling good.

Most of us have allowed and inherited prerequisites for our worthiness of love. When we believe this is true, we end up tiring ourselves out trying to earn love.. We are made in the image and likeness of God, Goddess, Universe, Love, whatever you ,may call it, and we are all aspects of the divine.

10 Steps to Self-Love Success

There is nothing that we need to do, achieve, or remediate in order to be worthy of love. Love is who we are, and being loved is our birth rite. Within the consumer driven culture that we find ourselves in today, we are up against an almost impossible image of perfection, especially as women. Loving yourself means to confront everything about yourself that you do not like, that you wish would change, or that you would like to hide from others.

These places are the breeding grounds of shame, one of the biggest barriers to self love. This is a constant practice. Anytime I would head to see him, I found myself primping myself and perfecting myself and trying to seem like I had it all together.

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Putting all my self worth on whether I received that comment in the first few moments of reuniting with my father. I was crushed, I felt like a failure, and was completely disappointed with myself. I wanted so much for my Dad to think highly of me, for him to be proud of me. Whether it was for excelling at life, or being beautiful. I would love to report that I am completely free from this mechanism arising in my life, but the truth is, there is still a tender spot, and there is still a desire to be seen and appreciated for who I am, by the people who birthed and raised me.

I can still catch myself doing a little face check before I see my dad or puffing up my achievements when I speak to them on the phone, and each time I do.. I get to hold my hand on my heart and remind myself, I am enough. I should have felt on top of the world and at the pinnacle of my life. But something was gnawing at me…. I snuck out of the party and went outside to the backyard for a moment to myself. I have everything and anything anybody could ever want.

I have the vacation homes, the jewelry. I can go anywhere and do anything I want. I have happy and healthy children, the dog, the white picket fence—you name it. I had tried my damndest to keep sweeping that voice under the rug, to keep ignoring the signs that had been building up to this crescendo for years. Or hearing him make snide comments to me about my work.

Or the time someone had made a casual remark about what a spiritual being I was and I realized I had forgotten —forgotten! I had even forgotten that as a young nurse, I would take the overnight shift just so I could sit and talk with my cardiac patients. Our conversations became medicine for their hearts.

But this final sign, this last epiphany, came booming out of the night sky at me and brought me to my knees. In order to be true to myself, I would have to change the course of my entire life. But once I took that courageous step, the universe lay at my feet and ushered in opportunities beyond my imagination.

I started a brand-new career helping others find their way to a more authentic, higher vibration way of living. I met the right people, ended up in the right places at the right time, and life and love flowed in a positive direction for me.

♡ My journey with self love ♡

I looked at the journey I had taken and I looked at how I could help others find the way to a life and love they could feel joyful about, too. Through much trial and error, failures and successes, I realized I had developed a system that worked. I integrated this system into my practice, and today I have helped thousands of clients find their voice, find their purpose, passion, happiness and love—through Self Love.

It cannot radiate out or be received by another.

Love Your Life Holistic Fitness & Empowerment | Self Love

Your love energy cannot reach another and true love cannot find you. When you shift your energy to one of Self Love, you naturally raise your vibration. You free the energy that wants to be expressed and everyone who is in alignment with that energy will be drawn to you like a moth to a light. When you have Self Love, the choices you make every day keep you centered and coming back to what you know to be true for you.

The person you were always meant to love finds you and is drawn to you, because you beam confidence and light and love. An audio version of the book read by me , which you can take with you on the go, or listen to from the privacy and comfort of your couch. Included in this special bundle is our expert love and transformation advice newsletter. It contains much of our most impactful advice and strategies, and will help you build a strong foundation for living the best, most fulfilled life possible. Take a full 7 days to examine the materials, do the exercises, and go through the entire 7 step process for developing Self Love.

Is it your body?

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Your personality? The fast-pace of modern life? Is it other people and their flakiness or lack of integrity? Is it your past failings and current shortcomings? It cannot come from beating yourself up until you wear yourself down. It cannot come from wishing it away or thinking it away.

Healing can only come from the inside and it can only come through the process of Self Love, which you can learn all about in Self Love For True Love.