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Throughout the course of writing Everything for Everyone , Schneider engaged in discussions and conferences around topics like blockchain, the sharing economy, and universal basic income.

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All, he writes, have the potential to engineer more equity into the economy, but to best do so they need a cooperative approach written into their DNA. The blockchain and bitcoin, he writes, need to remain separate from the big banks, which are already trying to co-opt the technology. Sharing economy platforms, like Uber and Airbnb, should explore a model by which people that use the platform, like Uber drivers or Airbnb hosts, have shared ownership over it.

17 Examples of passive aggressive behaviour

Airbnb is exploring offering stock to hosts, which the ride-sharing company Juno also did before folding. Currently, tech accelerators like Y Combinator are piloting basic income programs for low-income residents. Those left out of economies past have learned that shared prosperity only really comes with shared power. By Eillie Anzilotti 7 minute Read. Design Co. Design What is the circular economy? Keep a paper trail of facts, issues, agreements, disagreements, timelines, and deadlines. Ask the passive-aggressive person probing or clarifying questions to gather information and fact-check.

Review previous communications and documentation to substantiate your position. Avoid making accusations and statements that begin with you , which are more likely to trigger defensiveness. For example:. Again, document everything; fact-check; and establish your credibility with your command of evidence regarding the issue. When appropriate, include the person in discussions on challenges and solutions.

Solicit their input. Ask, for example, "Given the desired outcome, how would you handle this issue? Since passive-aggressive individuals operate covertly, they will almost always put up resistance when confronted on their behavior. Denial, excuse making, and finger pointing are just a few of the likely retorts. Regardless of what they say, declare what you're willing to do going forward.


Importantly, offer one or more strong consequences to compel the passive-aggressive to reconsider his or her behavior. The ability to identify and assert consequence is one of the most powerful skills we can use to "stand down" a passive-aggressive person. Effectively articulated, consequence gives pause to the difficult individual, and compels her or him to shift from obstruction to cooperation.

Although passive-aggressive people are not pleasant to deal with, there are many effective skills and strategies you can employ to minimize their damage and gain their cooperation, while increasing your own confidence , composure, and problem-solving prowess. All rights reserved worldwide.

Copyright violation may subject the violator to legal prosecution. The problem with all this is that people label others passive aggressive just because the other person doesn't give them what they want.

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I mean, who hasn't been on the receiving end of an ignored email? Or more than one? Calling that passive aggressive pretty much makes the term another buzzword like co-dependent. Relationships don't happen in a vacuum and most of us aren't psychologists. So how do we know we're dealing with passive aggression and not just someone who doesn't want to do what you want them to do? People own their own lives. That doesn't make them passive aggressive. I've found that a lot of people just won't take No for an answer.

Just because the wife asks the husband to fix a faucet and he doesn't want to -- why does her request trump his desire to do what he wants for a while? Truth is -- it doesn't. Passive aggression, when applied to everyday situations, is a red herring. You have a request from one person to another. Deciding the person asking has the high road and the person refusing is passive aggressive is just ignorant. Pop psychology of the worst sort. Repressed memories, anyone? Where was it implied her request trumps his desire to do what he wants for a while?

I missed that, and I want to understand where that comes from.

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In the scenario you described, you only expressed the people's desires. There is no passive-aggressiveness there because the behavior isn't present. She wants him to fix the faucet. He wants to do something else. That's all you covered. If he says, "Nope, I want to do x,y,z right now.

Saying no doesn't mean you're passive-aggressive. If the husband said, "Sure, honey! That meets the definition posed at the beginning of the article. This is a short article with limited scope. It's directed at someone who is noticing passive-aggressive behavior and giving them advice on how to communicate with the person more effectively. That's all. How is passive-aggressiveness useful?

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If the husband agrees to fix the faucet and doesn't, then the faucet doesn't get fixed. So the wife asks him again.

13 Answers to “Swamped! (While Coworker Does Nothing)”

He's probably just trying to relax and doesn't want his wife coming in and asking him repeatedly about the faucet. It doesn't seem like either of them are getting what they want out of the situation, the wife because she won't take no for an answer, and the husband because he is being passive-aggressive in response. In the example of a wife wanting the faucet fixed and the husband agreeing but not doing it, the wife would be reading this article. She has noticed he keeps saying he'll do it, but then he doesn't, so she's reading this article to see how to approach the situation better.

Meaning, she who won't take no for an answer will be changing, which would certainly be helpful to the husband. Give the Passive-Aggressive a Chance to Help Solve the Problem If Appropriate In the dynamic proposed, the husband agrees because he feels the wife won't take no for an answer. That means he feels he doesn't have a voice, just as the author said. The wife reads this.

8 keys to surviving passive-aggressives at home and at work.

She tries the question the author proposes, instead of doing what she did before she asks, "The faucet is broken, how would you handle fixing it? He said he'd rather call a plumber. She has a reason for him wanting to do it, and he has a reason for wanting to call the plumber. Husband: "No, I don't want to take the money from our new TV savings. Does the faucet really need to be fixed? I'm tired from work and want to relax.

Wife: "Well, it's dripping all the time. I'm concerned about the water being wasted, and the sound is bothering me. Can you fix it on your next day off?

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Husband: "I want to spend my days off doing insert activities here. I'd rather pay the plumber. She wants him to fix it, and maybe he absolutely won't. She probably won't like hearing this, but she'll know where he stands now.